Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Pray the Devil Back to Hell"

Feeling inspired by watching the Nobel concert replayed today, I share a link to the 1 hour film called "Pray the Devil Back to Hell" about 2011 Nobel Laureate Leymah Gbowee who helped mobilize Christian and Muslim women in Liberia to cross religious lines to pray together, stand together, sing together, change their world together by ousting militant government.

It's more than just getting rid of guns used in violence.  The movie affirms my belief that the answer to war is found in prayer.  And if that isn't a noble enough goal, I yearn for peace which is more than just an absence of war...just like health and wellness is more than "just an absence of disease."

We need prayer if we ever hope to see true peace.  We need God.  Peace is supernatural.  A miracle.  Divine.  A gift from God that only He can orchestrate.  Nothing we can do on our own.  We can be part of the answer as we lift our prayers but only He can change the hearts and bring the peace.

Therefore let's continue any work that helps to ensure the protection of the right of all people to pray and to have access to their holy sites and sacred landscapes.

And may the Giver of Peace hear our collective prayers as a world.  I look forward to HIS ANSWER which is not couched in religion, but in true relationship with Him and with each other.  I'm reminded of the disaster relief t-shirts of the 1997 flood worn by teenagers that came from across the state to help which said "You are my just took awhile to get here."  Only He can help us see that we truly are each others' neighbor.