Wednesday, August 22, 2012

To Save the Sacred at Auction

On Saturday, Pe Sla, South Dakota in the Black Hills  is slated to be auctioned off
According to media sources, the land is appraised at $350K US dollars.  But ask someone who is Lakota -- and you will soon learn that the sacred lands of the Black Hills is priceless to the Lakota.  These privately owned parcels that were stolen from the Great Sioux Nation are slated to be sold, leaving the land open for further development.  For years the family that has owned the land has graciously allowed sacred ceremonies to continue on their property but now they arranged for a public auction.

In a twist of tremendous irony, the Lakota have the money needed to buy this land back.  There is a large settlement earmarked for them from Congress.  However, if they accept the $1B, it would appear that they are approving the reimbursement for the theft of the Black Hills which they refuse to sell.  US Supreme Court ruled in their favor in the 80's acknowledging that the United States took the land.  Call it what it is -- land theft. Come on America, let's do the right thing.

Where is the faith community as a whole to stand behind another community, to show love, to pray with them?