Monday, August 20, 2012

Wiping of the Tears 8.19.12

Check out this 1862 map resource...

Historic Ness Church hosted a very special day Sunday August 19, commemorating the 150th anniversary of the date that the first five settlers were buried at their church, near Acton and Litchfield Minnesota. Although not all lineal descendants of these early pioneers nor all Dakota are ready to move forward, for those who were ready, they held an interfaith prayer service, beginning at 1:30.  Out of respect, I didn't take any photos during the ceremonies.

Greetings: Dave Lindberg, Ness Church
1878 National Anthem, "Hail Columbia"
Representative Dean Urdahl

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie
Reverend Alan Kitto, Explanation of Ceremony
"How Great Thou Art"
Four Direction Song
West: Roger Trudell, Stephen Elliot MHS
North: Cora Jones, Santee
East: Charles Watterson, Pastor Stephen Cook
South: Jeff Williamson (Great Great Grandson of Dakota missionary John Williamson)

Wiping of the Tears Ceremony
(Gail Watterson, Terri Remick, Lydia Conito, Cecelia Kitto)

Laying of the wreath

(Violet Urdahl - 7th generation direct descendent of Ole Halverson Ness who was a member of the Acton burial party and Granddaughter to Rep. Dean Urdahl)

Round Dance for Unity

Benediction, J David Nelson