Thursday, June 8, 2017

6.8.17 Scaffold Update

June 8, 2017  12:00 PM

Stephanie Hope Smith (Mediator)  shared an update regarding the "Scaffold" structure that was displayed at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota USA.

 The deconstruction process is complete.

The main focus was to get the structure down.
Now the main focus will shift to what happens to the wood.
Recognizing that more people from the Dakota community wish to participate in this process and it takes time to call a meeting, there is no elder meeting this week regarding the next steps for the wood. They wish to take time, slow down and allow more voices.

Until the larger Dakota Oyate is able to meet, there will be no actions except to keep the wood stored in a safe, secure location owned by Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board.

Save the date:
9:00 AM start promptly.  Plan to meet all day.
Sunday June 25
All Dakota are welcome to listen
No press are invited to this meeting.

More details to follow...


Stephanie Hope Smith (