Wednesday, May 31, 2017

5.31.17 "Scaffold" Mediation Agreement

Mediation Agreement

Earlier today representatives including Dakota Spiritual and Traditional Elders, representatives from the four federally recognized Dakota tribes, the Walker Art Center,  the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, and the artist Sam Durant issue the following statement.  This results from the mediation process voluntarily facilitated by Stephanie Hope Smith, a Minnesota registered neutral mediator who specializes in sacred sites.
This is a report regarding the mediation process 6that has taken place to address the Scaffold Structure.
The artist Sam Durant has committed to never create the Dakota gallows again.  He commits to  transferring the intellectual property rights of this work to the Dakota Oyate (people).
The Walker Art Center agrees that it does not intend to construct this artwork again. 
Collectively the work will be dismantled during ceremony beginning Friday June 2 at 2 PM led by the Dakota Spiritual leaders and elders. It takes at least four days to remove the wood. It will be removed by a native construction company and the wood will be placed in a fire pile near the remaining steel under-structure with signage explaining the mutually agreed upon process until the wood is removed.   This native construction company is donating their services and in exchange the the Walker has agreed to match that value to support travel for elders to the ceremony.
The wood will be removed and taken to the Fort Snelling area because of the historical significance of this site to the Dakota Oyate where they will ceremonially burn the wood.  The location logistics will be determined in a meeting with the Exec Director of MNHS Steve Elliot and the Spiritual and Traditional Dakota Elders.   The date of this ceremony will be announced as soon as it is confirmed.

During the ongoing consultative process, the remaining under-structure of steel and concrete will be removed, which should take several days.  Because the Garden is still under construction, modification to the perimeter construction fence will be modified to allow space for the ceremony at the site of the artwork.  Space will likely be limited, however the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board will assure that there is adequate space for attendees to the ceremony on June 2.
The existing signs that are near the artwork will remain until the entire structure and construction fence are removed. The Walker will collect and distribute the signs as requested by their creators.

The Grand Opening of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden will be June 10.

Updates will be provided to the press as this mediation process continues, which will be held at a neutral site.