Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dakota Unity Ride

Some times I get so busy living... Then when we get home, people are eager to see and hear about those special moments that defined  the trip for me. Yet those moments are often precious and private to those who were on the journey.  Because they are often not MY story, I'm not free to share them. 

I'm taking a different approach this trip by simply editing the photos that others deemed appropriate to share.  I also share a link to the press coverage of the Dakota Nation Unity Ride and Two Row Wampum Campaign.  (Over 55 press sources!) If you are the subject of a photo and wish to have it removed, just kindly let me know. Likewise if you were the photographer and you weren't given credit, let me know and I can add the byline.  But this trip I relied on everyone else to capture the moment.

Today I want to share the updated photo journal of the Dakota Unity Riders prayer journey to the United Nations which includes photos from the Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign.

It was a beautiful experience and I am humbled to have been part of this amazing month.

The following clip includes a strong explanation of the many sacred site issues facing the Dakota nation in Canada.  One hundred fifty years ago things were set in motion that still have a profound impact on indigenous people on both sides of the 49th Parallel (USA and Canada).

Check out other Unity Ride clips on's one from our stops in CT.
Part of me wants to post photos and write of our family's journey like our evening at the amazing Alpaca farm, like returning to Newtown with the prayer ties, like the gorgeous sunny day when we rode horse back into the Atlantic Ocean, like the horses and riders arriving at the United Nations...

but I'll just leave you with these mental image of the flags of the world waving in the breeze as people cheered their arrival in Manhattan.  For more background and photos, click on the journal.

Facebook 2nd Company Governor's Horse Guard Friends
Unity Ride Horses
Two Row Wampum

Some of the press coverage:
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