Friday, October 4, 2013

Freedom to Speak and Live Hate?

Named after a town in Scotland, Leith ND was founded in 1910 along the Milwaukee Rail Road in North Dakota.  In 1984 when the rail line was abandoned in 1984, Leith became completely isolated.

Recently a self-proclaimed white supremacist named Craig Cobb moved there and began buying up land with the expressed intention of starting a community of like-minded individuals.
On September 22, 2013 white supremacists Jeff Schoep, Alex Linder, Tom Metzger, and members of the National Socialist Movement visited Leith on the same day. Several former members of Anti-Racist Action formed a peaceful, grassroots movement called UnityND and organized a demonstration of their own. Members from nearby  Standing Rock Indian Reservation came to advocate for disbanding Leith and reverting to Grant County lands.  The town is located approximately 5 miles (8km) southwest of Carson ND at 46°21′32″N 101°38′10″W (46.358871, -101.636202)  and encompasses  a total area of 1.24 square miles (3.21 km2).
Historical populations
Census Pop.
1920 158
1930 174
1940 166
1950 160
1960 100
1970 92
1980 59
1990 43
2000 28
2010 16
Est. 2012 15
U.S. Decennial Census[15]
2012 Estimate[16]

As of the census[2] of 2010, there were 16 people, 8 households, and 5 families residing in the city (13.0 inhabitants per square mile (5.0 /km2). with racial makeup 93.8% White and 6.3% African American.

Here is a WIDE variety of perspectives
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So, what you do think?
Are Americans really free to think anyway they want to?
 Say anything they want to?
 Live where they want to?
 Associate with whom they want to?
 Do anything they want to as long at it is currently deemed legal?

What if that means that they choose to intentionally exclude others?
What if they publicly practice and celebrate "hate speech" ?
What if  someone who is completely against your point of view wants to move
into your neighborhood, your town, your state?

This morning I pray for those in positions of power and influence to make wise decisions.
I pray for the miraculous work in the heart that only God can do.
I pray that we learn from human history.

In other news...Halifax standoff regarding fracking continues
CBC news coverage of injunction.
Sometimes a neutral mediation process is the only way through a sticking's hoping for a peaceful resolution as meetings progress.  (I know that in my own family I have too much at stake and no matter how much I want to see another viewpoint, I'm too close).