Friday, August 26, 2011

In flight instructions: emergency exits, oxygen masks and a box of tissues

An interesting report just caught my eye:  According to the Coventry Telegraph, Sir Richard Branson's airline Virgin Atlantic has committed to put "weep warnings" on tear-jerker films their airline will shown on flights.  Add that to the full list of things to be warned about as you prepare to travel the friendly skies.
 The decision follows a recent survey for the airline which showed that 55% agreed their emotions became heightened on a flight. 
The movies Water for Elephants and Just Go With It   will be the first movies to carry the warning signs which will alert passengers that the film is a weepy. To prove that I live under a rock, I've never heard of either of these movies and did a quick search on their plots just for grins.  They look benign enough -- except for the animal abuse and elephant stampede...  The other is listed as a romantic comedy.   Good thing for the warning so that I wouldn't be caught unaware and become an emotional blubbering mess en transit. (I don't normally write in complete sarcasm so I hope that it comes through!)

Seriously though, it's been a little over five months since I took a hiatus from the news and television after discovering that the daily diet of negative news was reframing my perspective of the world.  I recognized that my "inflight movie was weepy" and so I opted to unplug the sound and close my eyes.  It was hard at first, but then pretty refreshing as I felt like my plumb line was becoming more centered.  So back in March I started searching for positive stories of heroes, peacekeepers, innovators.  I decided to find "oatmeal" for my soul to suck up the bad stuff running through my veins and hoped to make my worldview healthier.  What a difference since I changed my mental diet.

After three days this week "binging on media/internet fast food" as I skimmed tons of stuff I missed in the past almost-half-year, I've decided that I'm just going back to the "oatmeal diet" and stay there and set myself up for joy.  Sure I may be out of touch with some earth shattering news, but if something is really worth the referral, I'm ok with waiting to hear it second or third or last.  It's like I just saw a warning on the screen...and I think I'm just going for a walk at the park instead.