Archive of Reflections

 President FW de Klerk

Day 2: Education for Peace

 An Opportunity for Healing
Mitakuye Oyasin:  "We are all related"
Chief Arvol Looking Horse discussing the sacredness of horses
The Czech is in the Male
The use of the red pen is "out" for educators correcting kids' school work


Welcome the Bridgewalkers
& Peace Ride to Bdote

Holding the Rope until I Hear the Horn

Crowd surfing between windows of a moving train mosh pit

Osama Bin Ladin and Jesse James

Inspiration for the morning...

Play an online game to help feed the hungry

 A Peace of My Mind


Prince of Peace

Peace Train: Yusaf Islam

Drawing a parallel: Auschwitz and Fort Snelling?

Our Life Canvass


Close Encounters with places deemed Sacred

Courage to Jet Ski across the Pacific Ocean

Recipe for Soft Heart Marinade

Debridement of a Wound in order to Heal

If Neutral Mediators ruled the world...

Question: Mom, am I 'Country' ?

Inspiration for the Day: MacGyver Soccer Kids

Ode to Victor Hugo's 1862 novel

As the world erupts in protests & regroups after disasters

Nansen Dialog: A Model to Bring Healing

Another bowl of oatmeal for my heart

"Another pile of rocks...We're going the right way"

Call to Pray at Bdote Minnesota this June

Wisdom Keepers: Plants, freedom to pursue sacredness

United for Prayer

Truth-telling: First Step to Becoming Neighbors

Tenacious Forces for Change

All Things Sacred

Tribute to a Great Leader

Good Morning World, it's Hope