2011 Bdote Peace Accord

                     Signed during World Peace and Prayer Day activities at Bdote
This is as an aspirational living document that is being used as a basis for discussion.

2011 Bdote Peace Accord:
A Proclamation committing to
Four Years of Community Healing & Peace

A proclamation expressing the commitment to support peaceful dialogue related to Sacred Sites with the hope of bringing physical health, wellness and wholeness to all those who live in Minnesota, the hope of healing relationships, and with the vision for replicating this model across North America .

WHEREAS many public servants and citizens of the State of Minnesota are seeking appropriate ways to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the United States - Dakota Indian War of 1862 and to engage in dialogue with Indigenous leaders which will lead to the adoption of new policies designed to bring peace and healing;

WHEREAS the Rotary Four Way Test is widely used around the world for guiding ethical decisions, asking “Is it the TRUTH?  Is it FAIR to all concerned?  Will it BUILD GOODWILL and better friendships?  Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?” 

WHEREAS the Universal Code of Holy Sites provides aspirational guidelines for the management of holy sites including those held sacred by indigenous people; and

WHEREAS  the United Nations formally recognizes that all people are endowed by the Creator with inherent value and sacredness, and the United States has recently acknowledged that members of Sovereign Nations are free to practice their traditions and ceremonies without fear of repercussions through the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People; and

WHEREAS Indigenous People have traditionally held a deep and abiding belief in the Creator and have maintained a powerful spiritual connection to their homelands.

Recognizing that ‘Bdote’ Minnesota – the area where the Mississippi River and Minnesota River meet – is considered sacred by members of indigenous communities; and

WHEREAS the confluence of these rivers has historically been the site for gatherings of leaders and for the signing of agreements; and

WHEREAS the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area that encompasses Bdote has become a gathering place and home for global immigrants represented by all colors of skin, faiths and belief systems;

that as a community leader who is meeting at Bdote during World Peace and Prayer Day 2011, nearly 150 years after the United States-Dakota Indian War,

I WILL PERSONALLY ENGAGE in or delegate participation in a four year ongoing community dialogue regarding the care and protection of Sacred Sites in Minnesota  as key strategies for ushering in Four Years of Community Healing; and

During this community healing process, I HEREBY AGREE that the Rotary Four Way Test and the Universal Code for Holy Sites shall serve as the primary benchmark tools for guiding our dialogue as we aim to create and implement collaborative policies and practices that can be replicated across North America; and

I WILL SUPPORT the public commemoration of  “World Peace and Prayer / Honoring Sacred Sites Day” in Minnesota on June 21, 2012-2015  to help unite all faiths and beliefs in one prayer for healing of the earth and of all citizens who call Minnesota  their home; and

As a Community Peace Builder, I commit to take the time and care to hear different perspectives so that the world’s youth may see by my example the importance of preventing conflict and may become inspired to become a generation known for peacemaking, healing and hope.


Chief Arvol Looking Horse
Stephanie Smith, Mediator
Orlyn Kringstad, Executive Director, Oslo Center for Peace and Human Rights - US
Dwight Geisler, Bloomington Daymaker Rotary President, Rotary District 5950 
Andre Soisson, Rotaract Club of the Athlete Village President
Richfield Mayor Debbie Goettel

“May peace subsist between us, so long as the sun, the moon, the earth, and the waters shall endure.” 
 Mantanton American Indian Chief,   May 1, 1767