Saturday, October 26, 2013

'R' Day in Minneapolis Nov 7

Native News Networks just published the manifesto from the American Indian Movement (AIM) - Mps and the National Coalition on Racism in Sports and Media.  Just in time for the Vikings to play the Washington 'R' team in Minneapolis on November 7, these groups are united in their mission of educating others and trying to bring positive change for indigenous people.

My son Caleb (9) puts it this way about keeping the name the way it is:
  "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

The American Indian Movement offers this analogy:

“Imagine a Protestant sports team that chose years ago to adopt a Catholic name that was a degrading slur against the Catholic people. Imagine the Protestant team had no Catholic players or owners or heritage. In fact, imagine the Protestants actually massacred Catholic people throughout history and enslaved them until recently.

Then, imagine the Protestant team’s mascot was a caricature of the beloved Pope, complete with head-dress and robes and staff. Imagine the fans incited at every game to chant their versions of sacred Catholic music and song, to use sacred Catholic artifacts in jest, to dress in ridiculous versions of sacred religious cloth, all in front of Catholic fans. Imagine the Protestant team put their own manufactured image of the Pope on their helmets and uniforms, to celebrate the vulgar and demeaning name of the team at every game. Imagine the Catholic people asking year after year for the Protestant Team to stop this outrage, but they would not stop.

And finally, to complete this analogy, imagine all newspapers and sports broadcasters and internet sites and clothing manufacturers and advertisers and all commentators choosing to carry all of this desecration of Catholic people and culture to Catholic children and their parents, knowing full well that it was horrible for Catholics to experience, and absolutely damaging to the self concept of their children.”

AIM and The Coalition are demanding that local, federal, state and international authorities assert the many potent existing laws against discriminatory names and mascots in public facilities, the workplace and across the airwaves.  They demand that their sacred way, their sacred symbols and leaders be respected.  This logo was shared with the story:

                             The R word is no different than the N word: Change the Mascot

What are your thoughts??

Here is former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura sounding off his reason for not using the R word.

 Facebook event page planning the Nov 7 protest 

And here is the best part of my's not about what I think. 
It's not about what Jesse Ventura thinks.

And not what YOU think (unless you are indigenous).
I can't imbed the post so you just have to click on the link and watch it for yourself. 

And this is the link to the story of a woman who has been fighting the name for forty years.

Hot off the Press:
The National Congress of American Indians just issued their October 2013 statement.
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