Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mama Maggie: "Mother Theresa of Cairo"

Maggie Gobran

According the site above, "Mama Maggie," as she is known by the children she helps, is Coptic Orthodox who has a grassroots, evangelical faith that led her to  founded Stephen's Children in 1989.

“I was teaching at an American University in Cairo,” she told a reporter. “I used to have the best elite students in the country as it was the college which gave the best education.” But according to the article, as she encountered shocking poverty she felt motivated to make a difference. “I was told that many of these children die before they are even five years old in these areas. I couldn’t believe that a human being could survive such conditions. They had no water. Can you imagine a young baby surviving without clean water? There were also no schools, no churches and no healthcare. The experience made me question God – whether he was a God of mercy and love.

"I asked him: ‘How can you see a human being living in such conditions?’ Then later, when I was reading the Bible and waiting for God to talk to me, I felt that he was saying that it was my turn to do something about it.”

A simple, humble prayer for today:
May we have eyes to see people how God sees them.
May we see the opportunity to bless those in need.
May we have the courage to act.