Friday, May 11, 2012

"Bionic Mom" - a Salute

Anyone who attempts a marathon (26 miles) should be heartily congratulated.  Anyone who completes a marathon should be applauded.  Anyone who uses bionic legs and perseveres to finish even though it takes 16 days...well that is a new category of greatness.

Meet Claire Lomas.  32 years old.  Mother of a one-year-old daughter.  Fitted with computer assisted robotic legs to move her paralyzed legs. Accompanied by her husband who walked behind her just in case she lost her balance. Inspiration incarnate.

Lomas raised more than $125,000 for paralysis research, herself paralyzed from the chest down after a horse-riding accident in 2007.  Wearing the ReWalk suit,  developed by Israeli entrepreneur Amit Goffer, she ambled along until she crossed the red tape.   See source to learn how the suit works.

According to BBC news, She came across the finish line as the last of the 36,000 competitors in the London Marathon.  But I put the emphasis on the word FINISH rather than "LAST.At last count, 15 other participants had donated their medals to honor her tenacity and courage.

To all the moms out there -- congrats on finishing all your marathons!  And thanks to my mom for being a prayer marathoner, an encouragement marathoner and a wisdom-sharing marathoner.