Wednesday, June 20, 2012

World Peace and Prayer 2012

(Grand Tetons, Wyoming from the site which is now the WPPD fire circle & our camp in the national forest).

Because it is inappropriate to take/post photos during ceremony, I leave you with this simple image taken during setup.  Imagine a large rock circle with a concentric smaller fire circle inside.  At each of the four directions is a door with colored flags: black to the west, white to the north, yellow to the east, and red to the south. Before entering the "door", each person smudges with sage smoke and humbly walks clockwise into the space set apart for prayer.  The sunrises and sunsets have been spectacular overlooking this valley with buffalo freely roaming and the mountain range across from us.  We were greeted with an elk the first night in our campsite and the 6 hour hike around Jenny Lake to hidden falls yesterday was a true family highlight.  We have been traveling with a wonderful caravan with people from around the world -- to see things through their eyes and to hear their stories is priceless.  Caleb's new friends play all day  (and the layers of dirt proves how much fun they have had together!)    There is an abundance of languages being spoken and multiple faith traditions in one space, all unified to pray.  What a treat to meet the family from France en route to visit Pine Ridge who "happened" to stop by.  We're a little over half way of the four day ceremony on the top of the mountain.  I came down for the night and wanted to share a little of our journey.  We lift prayers for those in the recent Japan earthquake for the the 10,000 indigenous people gathered in Rio this week...