Friday, June 2, 2017

6.2.17 Dakota Ceremony 2 PM

As a Mpls P&R site, the Mpls Sculpture Garden activities must follow all lawful regulations pertaining to public land.  Because many people have stated a desire to understand what is considered courteous and honorable when attending a ceremony,  the Dakota Elders have shared these protocols that are similar to other events where guests are invited.  The additional logistical details can help guests plan their visit accordingly.


11:45-1:15 Elder parking area is open next to garden.
1:00 Press staging area is open
1:15 No cars may enter parking area
1:20 Elder parking area is now open only to pedestrians
1:50 PM Announcements / Press Statement about the ceremony
2 PM Ceremony to pray for protection of the workers taking down the structure and for healing
          Formal deconstruction of the wood portion of the structure begins

  • Clear your mind, heart, and body of any negativity
  • Come prepared a positive intention to be part of ceremony, not a spectator or tourist.
  • Allow space for people to grieve and react in their own way.
  • No person may use photography/videography to make a profit or to benefit personally
  • Treat oneself and others with respect 
  • Do not bring pets.
  • No smoking and follow Minneapolis Park and Recreation rules
  • Please dress modestly and respectfully.  Dakota women will be wearing skirts and other women are invited to do the same
  • The press will have designated areas and times. 
  • Do not approach Dakota people for an interview.  (Those who are willing will come to the press area).
  • With the exception to the construction team and the press announcements at a microphone,
    do not photograph.  Guide: if a person did not come to the ceremony with you or are not related, please don't photograph the person nor ask for their photo.
  • Anyone who persists in not following protocol will be asked to leave.
  • This is not the time to ask Dakota people about their customs and history; there will plenty of time to learn; this is their time for ceremony.
  • Children who are familiar with cultural practice are welcome to accompany responsible parents/elders. 
  • Recording devices are not permitted during the speakers time or during any ceremonies.
    Please respect this and turn off devices at these times
  • No drones per city statute
  • If you see Elders or others needing help, offer to help them.

  • Free parking in the lots next to the sculpture garden and in the Walker parking ramp will be free. No on street parking will be available.
  • Dakota elder parking immediately next to garden.  Opens 11:45-1:15 then no cars can enter.
  • There are no shaded areas near the structure.  Umbrellas are encouraged
  • Very limited elder seating is available near the structure.  You may bring in lawn chairs
    but not blankets.
  • Pedestrian traffic can enter the parking lot area starting at 1:15.
  • The announcements and press moment will start promptly at 2 PM
  • Restrooms are available in the Walker
  • Drink plenty of water and stay rested.  Bring water bottle with you.
  • This is the beginning of ceremony and you may leave when you need to leave.
    The destruction of the complete structure may take several days and there is no formal "closing" that will be announced.
  • If you need first aid, go to the press area or see a security person
  • Thank you for following the onsite directions that are announced.