Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Nobel Peace Prize Forum, Minneapolis 2017

This is the closing celebration or "Call to Action" at the 29th annual Nobel Peace Prize Forum earlier this month.Thank you to Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Paula Horne Mullen, Dorothy Firecloud, and Faith Spotted Eagle for participating in this special day with the Nobel Laureates, the Tunisian Quartet.

Source NPPF: "Each year the Nobel Peace Prize Forum (NPPF) brings together Nobel laureates, world leaders, and accomplished peacemakers with students and community members to work on building a world in which people can live full, rich, meaningful lives.  Originally formed as a consortium of the five Norwegian Lutheran colleges in the upper midwest (Augsburg, Augustana, Concordia, Luther, and St. Olaf), the Forum operates under the auspices of the Norwegian Nobel Institute, and is the only such program or academic affiliation outside of Norway.