Thursday, July 26, 2018

Next Generation: Hold the Rope

Lock #5 on the Mississippi River, Minnesota

Our summer began with a 100 mile journey up the Mississippi River with my 13 year old son and some of his young friends, bringing a houseboat to Peacebunny Island.

 The lessons along the way could only be learned in person:
* Respect for the River
* Navigating
* Weather watching
* Trust in your team
* Need for Preparing, Planning and Prayer

After trekking through several locks along the way and coming to moor at the island, our family went to visit Minneapolis #1 lock.

 (My last time there was 2011, when it the lock still open and the photos I have were from the water photos to share with him). We stood up top on the catwalk, like the worker did in this old photo before the lock closed for boat traffic. As we toured the site, now a National Park visitors center, I was struck by the change in perspective from water level where things feel pretty precarious as you hold onto the rope to keep your boat from bouncing all around while the "water elevator" goes up or down.

Today's reminder is that God has the perspective from up above.  He can see everything and is in charge.  So hold onto the rope -- do your part -- then trust the maker of the water, the sky and everything and ENJOY the ride.

2011 Lock #1 Minneapolis
2011 "Hold the Rope" in a canoe