Monday, February 28, 2011

Blessed are the Peacemakers...who walk among us

This morning I discovered a website that has black and white photos of several peacemakers from around the world. (Check to see how many you can name). Here is a list of questions that I'd love to ask if I had half an hour to sit and chat with these amazing leaders.  I wonder if there would be a common thread... Likewise I wonder about how their life / perception / focus has changed after people began to label them as "Peacemakers."


1) As your projects and vision became reality, did the success catch you by surprise or was it truly the result of calculated choices that you knew would lead to that result?

2) Did you understand the scale and importance of the projects and causes when you first began?  If so, what lead you to invest yourself anyway when others became paralyzed?

3)  Did you "dip your toes in the water" or did you "jump in" ?

4) What determined the speed of your entry into this cause?
What factors determined how deep into the cause you became?

5)  Were the people closest to you supportive before your success?

6) Who are the people who are the best at keeping you grounded & encouraged?
A) Those who are similarly driven but working toward different causes
B)Those who are working on the same cause but with different skill sets/passions/responsibilities
C) Those who are completely removed from causes who allow you to escape and get refreshed

7) How did you vent / to whom did you vent when joy-robbers came?

8) Do you see yourself as a peacemaker or has peace simply been a by-product of working on other things?

9) What do you pray for?