Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Prevention of War vs Treatment that Brings Peace

This story starts with unthinkable horror and ends with hope. Dr. Denis Mukwege is a healer -- in all senses of the word.
Raised watching his father minister to the sick and hurting, he became inspired to have additional tools to be able to minister to the body while praying that God would heal their soul.  Now working in the Congo, he specializes in the repair of women's bodies after they have been brutally raped, mutilated and left for dead.  I simply cannot fathom the details of the stories I have been reading this morning

Dr. Mukwege is a man who has given his professional career to aid these broken women. He has not stopped the war.  He hasn't stopped the rapes.  But he has brought hope.  A road less traveled by...and that has made all the difference.  .  

 As I read, I began to feel physically sick just thinking about the physical, emotional and spiritual harm this public mutilations would bring -- first to the woman and then to their family and community who no longer have control over their bodily functions. Not exactly what I was expecting when I started to read his story this morning.  My attempt to find a dish of "oatmeal for my soul"  instead left me nauseated.  Then in an "aha moment," (I have no idea why it eluded me before!)  it dawned on me that you can't  tell or understand the story of these amazing peace-bringers and world-healers, without realizing the contrast to the horrors of war.  So many of these peacemaker stories are not about prevention or ending of war --but the stories are of hope, healing and treatment to those who are broken because of the war.  Peace stories are not just about demilitarizing the oppressors but about guiding the helpless to find peace even in these circumstances. 

 A road less traveled by...and that has made all the difference.